Cozy Reading Nook

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This reading nook can be made for a kids room can as well as grown-up bedroom or anywhere in your home where you can find a little nook or corner .

I just want to sit there and keep on reading until I am ready to take a quick nap in that bench.


Styling Book Shelf

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via Abode Love

Currently I am trying to style my living room shelves  . I was browsing through to get some inspiration for my book shelves . And some caught my eyes .

via Little Green Notebook

via Cococozy

via Lonny Magazine
So how would you like to style your bookshelf ?

Monday Inspiration..

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Image via Pinterest.

Old World Glamour !!!

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New Orleans contemporary

Who doesn’t like glamour ?  Though my house is anything but glamourous,  these rooms takes me back to those 1930s era a seen in old hollywood movies . And what can be more classic and old than a stuffed peacock in your fireplace mantle ?


New Orleans contemporary
With a fabpulous painting and agorgeous headboard what more do you wnat in this room ?  This room is a combination of custom pieces and antique finds.
New Orleans contemporary
Don’t you lov ethis wall color ? You are going to love the name too : Audrey Hepburn Tiffany Blue, can it get any glamourous and classier than this ?
Design the Hall-Way eclectic powder room
How do you like this powderroom ? The owner create this gallery wall with picture that were stored from the 1800s in her family ! Yes ! Wow !
Now in th picture below shades of silver, from brushed platinum to chrome, sparkle even more when mirrored in the nightstand.
The Olivers House eclectic bedroom

Inspirational Libraries..

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Images courtesy of  : , Design Sponge Online , via Pinterest.

How to display one’s books..

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I have books, loads and loads but I don’t have a library to keep all of them neatly organized at one place. Some are in a shelf in our living room, some in our home office/study room, bedside table in the bedroom and most of them in boxes in our garage. I hate to see my precious books boxed up in the garage. I have been looking for ideas to display my collection if not all at least more than what I have now !!


I like this from Apartment Therapy. It’s simple and clean something that I can manage to incorporate in our house.

Look at this from Real Simple :

And if I had the luxury to have my own library, I would have done something like this :


or given that as whimsical  and eclectic my house is maybe like this :

(taken from flickr user Chotda)


What an unique way to create a design or pattern with one’s own book covers :

(from Apartment Therapy)


How do you like to ddisplay your books or magazines ?

Home Office .. Oh My !!!

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Home office is a big part in my life. Our home office is the most used room in our house besides the kitchen – dining combo room. Home office, is where my 8yr do their homework, crafts, art projects, watch YouTube. Home office is where the almost 4 yr olds does is ABCs, mischiefs , draws, tears pages, this where my husband works from every Friday, this is the place we do video chat with families in India and not to mention this is my blogging headquarter !!! This is the room that was set up first after we moved in last September but since it was done in a hurry without much thought but only out of necessity this room lacks serious character  !!! And now after a year it needs our attention. Since major furnishings are already there now it’s time to revamp the room with colors and accessories that it’s lacking.

I was going through Country Living website and saw some cool Home office pictures and since setting up a home office requires major organizational skill there were organization ideas too ..

Look at all those books, wouldn’t it be lovely to have space for all my books and displaying them through clear glass..because of my book blogs I receive books for reviews a lot and top that I have a habit of buying books too ,it’s a mountain of books I have stored in boxes in the garage but these books needs good home , these are my pride..

I loved this room because of its colour, qurkiness in those pictures !!! My style, rather my families style, is eclectic and I want it displayed throughout my house, so why not my home office..

This one is simple , yet  functional and so much storage space for all those bills, papers, art works/ supplies and what nots..

Which one do you like ??

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