Old World Glamour !!!

August 3, 2011 § 3 Comments

New Orleans contemporary

Who doesn’t like glamour ?  Though my house is anything but glamourous,  these rooms takes me back to those 1930s era a seen in old hollywood movies . And what can be more classic and old than a stuffed peacock in your fireplace mantle ?


New Orleans contemporary
With a fabpulous painting and agorgeous headboard what more do you wnat in this room ?  This room is a combination of custom pieces and antique finds.
New Orleans contemporary
Don’t you lov ethis wall color ? You are going to love the name too : Audrey Hepburn Tiffany Blue, can it get any glamourous and classier than this ?
Design the Hall-Way eclectic powder room
How do you like this powderroom ? The owner create this gallery wall with picture that were stored from the 1800s in her family ! Yes ! Wow !
Now in th picture below shades of silver, from brushed platinum to chrome, sparkle even more when mirrored in the nightstand.
The Olivers House eclectic bedroom

Color Inspiration !!!

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I was gone again !!! I know , I try my best to keep up but betwwen kids, house, product reviews, book reviews and a husband.. I faiedl to keep up here !! I promised I will be around more but I failed. So, this time I am not promising anything. It’s not fair !!!  I will just try my best to keep up !! But though I was not here blogging , I have been all over the internet getting my fix of daily inspirations. Here is one for you ..

Picture courtesy of : H & M Home Collection

Colors in my life…

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Picture courtesy of : Diamond Barrata via Coco+Kelly

Picture source : Unknown

Picture Source : Unknown

Are these colors too much for you?? Well. not for me. I would certainly love some of these colors in my house asap 🙂

A Glimpse of Diwali..

November 11, 2010 § 5 Comments

I wish I had taken lots of pictures, but alas !! that didn’t happen so a little glimpse only..next year I will remember to take picture ahead of the party and if not at least have somebody designated as photographer for the evening..

Tea Kettles and a wrap…

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Spring is Here…

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Borrowed from “Sunday Suppers”

Happy Easter..

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Borrowed from “Inspiration+Photography”

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