Happy Monday ??

November 16, 2010 § 10 Comments

Is it really happy ?? or you dread it , getting back to the daily grind?? Well, how was weekend?

Mine ?? My pictures will talk for me ..


My friend gave me this beautiful, sparkly picture frame during Diwali.. So, I did this..

I put the frame in my corner table at our living room with other things.. now you might be wondering what is that in the frame.. well, that’s rakhi that my 2 boys got from their cousin sister during rakshabandhan, it was mailed via DHL from India, I wanted my boys to remember how they are loved by their cousin even being so far..

Though it’s been a year in our house but due to budget we never got a chance to set up our media room, but we are getting started. The paint has been chosen and bought, the first step to setting up is to colour !!! So I did this :

All ready to paint !! I will show you the pictures once it’s done !!!

And lots of coffee and reading all those wonderful blogs in this corner of the sofa ..


That’s all.. Now I will link this post up @ Patty’s “Weekend Wrap Up “ If you haven’t visited the blog Colors Dekor.. well, let’s just say you should !!!


A Glimpse of Diwali..

November 11, 2010 § 5 Comments

I wish I had taken lots of pictures, but alas !! that didn’t happen so a little glimpse only..next year I will remember to take picture ahead of the party and if not at least have somebody designated as photographer for the evening..

Lanterns and Diwali…

November 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Since Diwali is the festival of lights , it’s for granted that we all are going to light some candles, diyas , lamps…Nowadays there is a craze for lanterns !! of different shapes and sizes and even colors …From Ikea to Target to World Market , Pier 1..you name it they all sell lanterns..Lanterns are now everywhere but not restricted to ethnic stores only..

Here are some lighting ideas with lanterns for this Diwali season..

These terracotta lanterns from Matsya are very organic and colorful..These lanterns can go with your traditional decor and even for your eclectic and earthy decor !!!

These are from World Market..very Morrocan..

Just gorgeous..the flickering of light inside those white lanterns is so mystic !!!

These can be incorporated over your eating area..loving it !!!

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