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Starting today till the 10th of July , I will be on vacation. Every year we go camping during this tine of the year. This year we are going lake camping near San Diego. I know when you hear San Diego, you must be thinking why not beach camping !!! Well, we did beach camping last year , so this year we picked a pretty lake for our week-long camping . I love this yearly camping trip. No laptops , no  tv , nothing to do but swim, hike , play with the kids, read a book and relax . Though we take our cellphones, since we have kids what if we need help with something ..otherwise it would have been nice to leave the cell phone behind too !!

I know I will miss blogging and visiting all of you but I will come back recharged and inspired !!!






See you all soon 🙂


Loving these quotes..

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That’s me !!

Love this 🙂




All images via Pinterest.

Gorgeous Suzani..

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Suzani is a type of embroidered and decorative tribal textile made in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries. Suzani is from the Persian word Suzan which means needle. The art of making such textiles in Iran is called  Suzankāri (needlework).(from wiki)

Below are some of the gorgeous Suzanis that I came across in the web…

 Image via Elle Decor @ Anne Becker’s apt.

 Image via Elle Decor

Suzani via Every Corner

Suzani via Laura U

Monday Inspiration ..Painted Floors..

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How are you this Monday ? Had a lovely weekend , I hope. My weekend was pretty good. Saturday we had a bbq with our friends. Good times !!! and Sunday was exciting . We went to see Bengali theater in Pasadena . After quiet a few years !!! It was wonderful . Last Friday I was scouring through some of the design websites for inspiration and stumbled into some gorgeous pictures of painted floors . I think painting floors and roofs takes a lot of guts !!! It can be overwhelming and without the right color and patterns it can turn into a disaster . Moreover , choosing the right color walls and furnitures and fabrics to go with the floor can be quiet challenging !!

I am in love with  all of these  floors ..


This kitchen with all its white walls and white fixtures is perfect  . The floor doesn’t seems at all overwhelming  instead the same colored cabinets and island tiles it seems just the right amount, and can you see the colored enclave ceiling peeking !! and the light fixtures !!!

I am in love with this green floor.

Isn’t this bathroom dreamy …

So, which floor is your favorite ???

All images via Slumber Design.

When is it too much ?

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We all have our favorite colors . But sometimes even with those colors in a room doesn’t lure us. May be because it’s too much of  it !! or maybe not at proper places or maybe the color doesn’t go with the furnitures and pieces in the room..there can be various reasons..

Like in the picture below.. Turquoise  is one of my favorite color. But in this room with all it’s Hollywood glam it seems a little too much..

or this room with all it’s pink

Or this home office with purple and pinkish hue all over the wall , fabric and curtains..

What do you think ?

Images via Southern Living & Magnus Anesund.

Indian Designers..

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I am in love with this chair..It seems to be made out of jute and all the colors combined makes it so interesting . One chair can lift up a whole room..don’t you think?? Which one do you like ?

Designed by  Shahil & Shartak . Image via

Quench your thirst..

June 24, 2011 § 4 Comments

I don’t know where you are, what’s the weather like at your place but here in Southern California it’s going to be another warm day… actually very warm day…we really need cool drinks, lots of cool drinks to keep ourselves cool and maybe you would like to join me for a drink or two  !!

And  a trip to the beach maybe…


I can spend a whole day in one of those chairs staring at the ocean… and think of all the cool breeze ..

Images via Purplehomes and Rue.

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