How to display one’s books..

November 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have books, loads and loads but I don’t have a library to keep all of them neatly organized at one place. Some are in a shelf in our living room, some in our home office/study room, bedside table in the bedroom and most of them in boxes in our garage. I hate to see my precious books boxed up in the garage. I have been looking for ideas to display my collection if not all at least more than what I have now !!


I like this from Apartment Therapy. It’s simple and clean something that I can manage to incorporate in our house.

Look at this from Real Simple :

And if I had the luxury to have my own library, I would have done something like this :


or given that as whimsical  and eclectic my house is maybe like this :

(taken from flickr user Chotda)


What an unique way to create a design or pattern with one’s own book covers :

(from Apartment Therapy)


How do you like to ddisplay your books or magazines ?


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