Organizing around the house..

September 9, 2010 § Leave a comment

Organizational skill !!! Either you have it or you don’t !!! But with some effort you can , if not master , achieve that skill to some extent.  I always thought I was a good organizer of things but nowadays with the kids it seems my organizational skill/plan..whatever I want to call failing. Hat missing, one sock from the pair missing, lego parts missing, train track missing , papers missing… and it got me to thinking, the skill that I though I had is not enough to organize a house or it’s things and especially all the junks my 2 boys have and not to mention endless amount of papers that we are accumulating everyday..from school, mail box, bills , insurance papers , art stuffs, homework/classwork’s papers ok.. I really need to take my organizational powers to a whole new level to tackle all these !!! and I need help.

Nowadays organization can be exciting with all the cute, colorful looking baskets, bins  that are sold at different stores. You can even buy labels or I would much rather prefer making labels on my own or make my kids do it as a fun art project !!!

Look at this wonderful toy storage idea from The Container Store

This one from Ikea

This lovely kitchen organization idea from HGTV

And how about this clutter free loft bedroom/workspace  from an Italian company Tumidei

How clever is that ?? Bedroom-workspace combo????


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