September 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

I am need for cushions.. well, I won’t say need..I am addicted to cushions. I love cushions.I like them throwing around all over the house. Different shapes, different sizes, different colors. No matchy matchy !!! To me cushions gives an instant makeover to a place , to a neglected corner of a house, to a shabby sofa, to a over used bed cover. Just throw some colorful cushions and it seems a brand new decorated place !!!

I have never bee to Anthropologie  . I know I am missing something but it’s just that I have never been there. I have been to their website like thousand times, have drooled over their goodies in my idle time. Dreaming about touching allthose textures, colors but never been to their actual store. Well, this weekend I willbe going. Wish me luck ! no, better wish luck to my wallet !!!

So, as I was browsing through Anthropologie virtually today, suddenly I felt a dire desire or need to get some cushions/pillows  or whatever you want to call them. They have various sizes from Large to Small. They have bolsters, cushions. And the patterns and colors are to die for !!!

So, this weekend when I go , which ones ahould I get ?

I love the colors here and the size is perfect, it’s medium..Well, this round one looks good’s serene and clean yet the proper measure of teal !!!

and look at the bolster !!! with it’s perfect pickstitched neckroll!!

And this embroidered mythic fanflowered pillow !!! Look at the tree, the clouds up in the sky !!! magical  !!!

Which one would you choose ?


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