Neglected blog!!!

September 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ok, I admit this is the neglected child..errrr blog !!! you know what I mean !!!

The book blog  gets updated . The review/giveaway  blog gets updated.. but this doesn’t. Sometimes not even once a month !! 

I had som much vision when I started this blog. We just bought our first house and I though this blog would be the perfect place to express my earnest desire for decoration, crafts, D.I.Y projects, brainstorming ideas, gardening ..a long list.. but it remained quiet in the corner. I uploaded a few pictures, nut not mine borrowed from different blogs, websites, magazines. Yes those pictures represents some of my vision for our house but there was no original ideas written, no projects shown … Yet this Labor Day Weekend will be the one year anniversary of our beloved home. It’s time I start fresh.

It’s not like the house is all done. Actually, as we ae on a budget it will take me quiet some time to turn our vision into reality. So, I have a lot to talk and discuss. So, after the long weekend I will start fresh with this blog. I am a realist, I know why I failed last time. 2 kids, new house, 3 blogs and other commitments’s hard to keep up and somethings gets neglected and  usually it’s the blogs, in this case this particular blog.. I still have those commitments but this time I have set up a realistic schedule. Each blog is going to have their own day and on that particular day they are going to get my attention. Monday, Thursday is time for this blog.

So, I am sticking to my plan for chosen days and also planning to write about my own ideas about my house, decorations and my inspirations.


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