Green Home { not the color }

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The house ..

The Living room (who won’t feel uninvited here, certainly not me !!!)

The bath/dining :

The Bathroom:

The kids bedroom:

The Den :

The Fireplace sitting :

The Kitchen (I can stare at this kitchen forever !!!)

The tearrce (imagine after a long day, with a glass of wine and all of this !!!)

Tell me what’s not to like about this house ?????


Lonny Magazine

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I was flipping through the issue of Aug/Sept 2010  @ Lonny and these two pictures caught my eyes :

Ikat and Etsy

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I am obsessed with Pillows / Cushions/Bolsters !! Last Saturday I was supposed to visit Anthropologie for the first time and I waited in anticipation, like a child waits for Christmas morning !!! But it didn’t happen, I couldn’t go. My 3yr olds suddenly fell sick, he is fine now and back to preschool. I don’t know when I will get the chance again to visit the Anthropologie store .. so I was browsing online looking for cushions and pillows and came upon this amazing Etsy store . The store has a wide collection of Ikat and Batik pillows and the colors are amazing..

Look here, these 9 sets of Ikat Pillows :

The hue of pink in the second set !!! Love it..I am not a big fan of pink but the hint of pink is so amazing. The third one is Batik and the fourth set too.. All these varying colors and their combinations, how can you not like them..

Home Office .. Oh My !!!

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Home office is a big part in my life. Our home office is the most used room in our house besides the kitchen – dining combo room. Home office, is where my 8yr do their homework, crafts, art projects, watch YouTube. Home office is where the almost 4 yr olds does is ABCs, mischiefs , draws, tears pages, this where my husband works from every Friday, this is the place we do video chat with families in India and not to mention this is my blogging headquarter !!! This is the room that was set up first after we moved in last September but since it was done in a hurry without much thought but only out of necessity this room lacks serious character  !!! And now after a year it needs our attention. Since major furnishings are already there now it’s time to revamp the room with colors and accessories that it’s lacking.

I was going through Country Living website and saw some cool Home office pictures and since setting up a home office requires major organizational skill there were organization ideas too ..

Look at all those books, wouldn’t it be lovely to have space for all my books and displaying them through clear glass..because of my book blogs I receive books for reviews a lot and top that I have a habit of buying books too ,it’s a mountain of books I have stored in boxes in the garage but these books needs good home , these are my pride..

I loved this room because of its colour, qurkiness in those pictures !!! My style, rather my families style, is eclectic and I want it displayed throughout my house, so why not my home office..

This one is simple , yet  functional and so much storage space for all those bills, papers, art works/ supplies and what nots..

Which one do you like ??

Organizing around the house..

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Organizational skill !!! Either you have it or you don’t !!! But with some effort you can , if not master , achieve that skill to some extent.  I always thought I was a good organizer of things but nowadays with the kids it seems my organizational skill/plan..whatever I want to call failing. Hat missing, one sock from the pair missing, lego parts missing, train track missing , papers missing… and it got me to thinking, the skill that I though I had is not enough to organize a house or it’s things and especially all the junks my 2 boys have and not to mention endless amount of papers that we are accumulating everyday..from school, mail box, bills , insurance papers , art stuffs, homework/classwork’s papers ok.. I really need to take my organizational powers to a whole new level to tackle all these !!! and I need help.

Nowadays organization can be exciting with all the cute, colorful looking baskets, bins  that are sold at different stores. You can even buy labels or I would much rather prefer making labels on my own or make my kids do it as a fun art project !!!

Look at this wonderful toy storage idea from The Container Store

This one from Ikea

This lovely kitchen organization idea from HGTV

And how about this clutter free loft bedroom/workspace  from an Italian company Tumidei

How clever is that ?? Bedroom-workspace combo????


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I am need for cushions.. well, I won’t say need..I am addicted to cushions. I love cushions.I like them throwing around all over the house. Different shapes, different sizes, different colors. No matchy matchy !!! To me cushions gives an instant makeover to a place , to a neglected corner of a house, to a shabby sofa, to a over used bed cover. Just throw some colorful cushions and it seems a brand new decorated place !!!

I have never bee to Anthropologie  . I know I am missing something but it’s just that I have never been there. I have been to their website like thousand times, have drooled over their goodies in my idle time. Dreaming about touching allthose textures, colors but never been to their actual store. Well, this weekend I willbe going. Wish me luck ! no, better wish luck to my wallet !!!

So, as I was browsing through Anthropologie virtually today, suddenly I felt a dire desire or need to get some cushions/pillows  or whatever you want to call them. They have various sizes from Large to Small. They have bolsters, cushions. And the patterns and colors are to die for !!!

So, this weekend when I go , which ones ahould I get ?

I love the colors here and the size is perfect, it’s medium..Well, this round one looks good’s serene and clean yet the proper measure of teal !!!

and look at the bolster !!! with it’s perfect pickstitched neckroll!!

And this embroidered mythic fanflowered pillow !!! Look at the tree, the clouds up in the sky !!! magical  !!!

Which one would you choose ?

Neglected blog!!!

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Ok, I admit this is the neglected child..errrr blog !!! you know what I mean !!!

The book blog  gets updated . The review/giveaway  blog gets updated.. but this doesn’t. Sometimes not even once a month !! 

I had som much vision when I started this blog. We just bought our first house and I though this blog would be the perfect place to express my earnest desire for decoration, crafts, D.I.Y projects, brainstorming ideas, gardening ..a long list.. but it remained quiet in the corner. I uploaded a few pictures, nut not mine borrowed from different blogs, websites, magazines. Yes those pictures represents some of my vision for our house but there was no original ideas written, no projects shown … Yet this Labor Day Weekend will be the one year anniversary of our beloved home. It’s time I start fresh.

It’s not like the house is all done. Actually, as we ae on a budget it will take me quiet some time to turn our vision into reality. So, I have a lot to talk and discuss. So, after the long weekend I will start fresh with this blog. I am a realist, I know why I failed last time. 2 kids, new house, 3 blogs and other commitments’s hard to keep up and somethings gets neglected and  usually it’s the blogs, in this case this particular blog.. I still have those commitments but this time I have set up a realistic schedule. Each blog is going to have their own day and on that particular day they are going to get my attention. Monday, Thursday is time for this blog.

So, I am sticking to my plan for chosen days and also planning to write about my own ideas about my house, decorations and my inspirations.

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